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Ancre 1


A documentary by JACQUES MITSCH

This film is an initiatory journey in the footsteps of a charismatic French musician and conductor, Michel Brun, who devotes his life to Johann Sebastian Bach and to spreading his masterpieces as widely as possible.
We will follow the daily life of his orchestra over one year, in a musical path punctuated by unusual events aiming at audiences who have been neglected or even traditionally excluded from the world of classical music. And we will witness the creation of an atypical musical project wich mixes Baroque music with traditional music from Ivory Coast and Mali.

It will also provide the viewer with little-known anecdotes of Bach’s life and keys to interpret his work, whose strength, emotion and vitality remain intact almost three centuries after the composer’s death.


DIRECTOR Jacques Mitsch

AUTHORS Jacques Mitesch and Gilles Pedoussaut

EDITING Gilles Pedoussaut

IMAGE Mathias Touzeris, Christophe Picot, Nicolas Dupuis,

Nicolas Roux, Mathieu Barasz and Jacques Mitsch

SOUND Didier Baulès, Jean-Marc Pedoussaut and Cyril Martin

GRAPHIC DESIGN Stéphanie Yang Chung

COLOUR GRADING Gilles Pedoussaut


MIXING Matthieu Cochin

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